Environmental and Chemical Sciences

Biomolecular NMR Laboratory

Name: Xian Zong

Title: Director

Email: xianzhong@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.458.8588

Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility

Name: Yohannes Rezenom

Title: Facility Manager

Email: yohannes.rezenom@chem.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.8404

Elemental Analysis Laboratory

Name: Bryan Tomlin

Title: Manager

Email: ccca@chem.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.2341

IBT Protein Production, Characterization, and Molecular Interaction Core-Houston, TX

Name: Magnus Hook

Title: Director

Emails: mhook@tamu.edu

Phone: 713.677.7551

Name: Wen Liu

Title: Associate Research Scientist

Email: wen_liu@tamu.edu

Phone: 713.677.7583

Integrated Metabolomics Analysis Core

Name: Arul Jayaraman

Title: Director

Name: Cory Klemashevich

Title: Lab Manager

Email: klem24@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.4832

Ken Williams Radiogenic Isotope Geosciences Laboratory

Contact: Franco Marcantonio

Title: Director

Email: marcantonio@tamu.edu

Contact: Yan Luo

Title: Lab Manager

Email: yluo4@tamu.edu

Laboratory for Synthetic-Biologic Interactions

Contact: Karen Wooley

Title: Director

Email: wooley@chem.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.4077

Contact: Justin Smolen

Title: Assistant Director

Email: smolen@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.862.3713

NMR/ESR Facility of the Chemistry Department

Name: Gregory Wylie

Title: Facility Manager

Email: gpwylie@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.458.0705

Nuclear Engineering and Science Center

Name: Sean McDeavitt

Title: Director

Email: mcdeavitt@tamu.edu

Name: Jere Jenkins

Title: Associate Director

Email: jere@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.7551

Radiation Effects Facility

Name: Henry Clark

Title: Faculty Supervisor

Email: clark@comp.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.1411

Stable Isotope Geosciences Facility

Name: Chris Maupin

Title: Facility Manager

Email: crmaupinatx@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.8916

Other core facilities that provide services in this thematic area

AgriGenomics Laboratory

Name: David Stelly

Title: Director

Contact: Robert Vaughn

Title: Manager

Phone: 979.458.6954

IBT-Center for Advanced Imaging, Houston, TX

Name: Michael Mancini

Title: Director

Email: mancini@bcm.edu

Phone: 713.798.8952

Name: Leoncio Vergara

Title: Co-Director

Email: leovergara@tamu.edu

Phone: 713.677.7636

Image Analysis Laboratory-Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Name: Robert C. Burghardt

Title: Director

Email: burghardt@cvm.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.862.4083

Name: Joseph Szule

Email: jszule@cvm.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.9527

Microscopy and Imaging Center

Name: Avery McIntosh

Title: Assistant Director

Email: almcintosh@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.3639

VMBS Core Histology Laboratory

Contact: Yava Jones-Hall

Title: Director

Email: yavajh@cvm.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.458.6486

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

Name: Joseph Reibenspies

Title: Associate Director

Email: xray@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.9125