Resources on Generative AI in Research

Generative AI has the potential to impact various components of our university mission including research. Many federal agencies have developed guidelines and best practices on the use of generative AI in research. On this resource page, we provide links to guidance from some federal agencies on generative AI in research. A similar resource page has been created by the Office of the Provost on generative AI in teaching. The Division of Research, with input from the Generative AI in Research Working Group and other sources across campus, has outlined some best practices for generative AI in research. This document should serve as a resource for researchers and provide a framework for each college or school to develop detailed and specific action plans tailored to their unique and specialized needs. The document has been developed by referencing relevant publications from other institutions, federal agencies, the private sector and scholarly journals, and will be frequently updated to reflect cutting-edge advancements in generative AI.

Federal Agencies