Texas A&M University Postdoctoral Association

The Texas A&M Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is an organization of Postdoctoral Scholars (“Postdocs”) for Postdocs. The Texas A&M PDA is the umbrella organization for all PDA Chapters, and is supported by the Division of Research. The Texas A&M PDA works closely with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Division of Research. All postdocs at Texas A&M are members of the Texas A&M Postdoctoral Association.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas A&M Postdoctoral Association shall be to foster a sense of community among the postdoctoral scholars, promote networking, support their professional development, advocate and represent the voices of the postdoctoral scholars, and to improve the quality of the postdoctoral experience at Texas A&M. 


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New at Texas A&M?

All postdocs at Texas A&M are automatically general members of the Texas A&M Postdoctoral Association. All members are invited to attend the general assembly meetings. Any member is eligible to serve on the Executive Committee pending the results of an election or appointment. 

If you would like to participate and contribute to the association, please send us an email . We are always looking for proactive and talented people. 

PDA Chapters

National Postdoctoral Association (NPA)

Texas A&M is now a sustaining member of the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA). This allows all graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff at Texas A&M free affiliate memberships. Affiliate members have access to members-only NPA web content, NPA member groups for networking with fellow NPA members, reduced registration fees to the NPA annual meeting, eligibility for the NPA travel award program, and national representation on postdoctoral issues. The members-only web content includes, for example, career-planning resources, mentoring plans, and a responsible conduct of research toolkit.

Postdoctoral Resources

Resources for professional development available to postdoctoral scholars

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities will be sometimes posted on PDA facebook for your information. If interested to apply to any postings, please apply directly to the postings. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Texas A&M PDA are not involved nor recommend any of the opportunities.

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