VMBS Core Histology Laboratory

Our services include routine sectioning and staining of issues for microscopic examination, performing special stains, and performing immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry for diagnostic and research samples. We also provide digital pathology and pathology consultation/collaboration services.


  • Embedding: paraffin or OCT medium (frozen tissue)
  • Slide preparation: microtome (paraffin) or cryostat (frozen tissue)
  • Histological stains: Routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E); an extensive list of special stains, and immunohistochemistry/IFC are available.
  • Whole slide imaging: Our Panoramic SCAN II can automatically digitize up to 150 slides in one run. It can digitize your fluorescent samples in 6 different fluorescent channels. The Panoramic SCAN II supports the best Carl Zeiss objectives, achieving up to 43x or 86x resolution (scanned at 20x or 40x magnification, respectively)
  • Pathology consultation and/or collaboration: Yava Jones-Hall DVM, PhD is a board-certified veterinary pathologist and is available for consultation or collaboration. Dr. Jones-Hall uses the Visiopharm platform for analyses.