iLab FAQ

Principal Investigators (PI)

Accounts connected to your name are contingent on the following:

  1. The account must have a positive balance. If it runs in a negative balance, the account will not appear in iLab.
  2. The account has expired in FAMIS. If an account has expired in FAMIS but you can still use the funds, you need your business department to submit an extension in FAMIS.
  3. The account lists someone else as the responsible PI on the account. You can ask your business department to give you a sub-account in your name or you can ask Ashlyn Montgomery, to list you and/or your students as collaborators in the actual responsible PI’s iLab group.

Invoices/receipts are sent to the account owner, responsible accountant, and departmental billing office for the account.

Log into iLab with your NetID, click on the menu button; choose My Groups, Membership Requests & Account; approve members that need to be accepted into your lab; and place a checkmark next to the account and user to give them access to funds.


You have not been marked as “trained” by the Core Facility staff in iLab.

Contact Ashlyn Montgomery, to help you with this issue.

Core Billing Managers

If an external customer needs a PO number to be displayed on an invoice the PO number needs to be entered in a specified format.

Format: Texas A&M Customer Number|PO Number

Example: 6812345612345|JH-1234567

A summary of all successful transactions including links to invoice/receipts generated is sent the day Texas A&M receives billing event.

Missing transactions may not be available because:

  • The customer number is not authorized for transactions in your system part. This does not require action on your part and will be resolved by the system billing office for your system member institution. Generally, issues such as these are resolved within two business days.
  • The expense object code is invalid on a line item in the transaction for the expense account. This does not require action on your part and will be resolved by the responsible accountant who is notified by email of this issue. The responsible accountant will provide remediating instructions to the Division of Research that will release the transaction to FAMIS.

Designated billing managers for a core will have access to where all historical billing information can be viewed.

When an account is used for a transaction the responsible accountant, which is set in FAMIS, is notified of the transaction. If there is no responsible accountant assigned or the UIN provided is invalid, a warning notification is sent to the billing managers of the core. They may choose to notify the appropriate party of this issue. The transaction is not held and is processed normally.

Transactions that are not held are posted to FAMIS one business day after receipt by Texas A&M.


  • Monday – send to Texas A&M
    • Tuesday morning – received by Texas A&M
    • Tuesday morning – transaction summary sent
    • Tuesday evening – posted to FAMIS
    • Wednesday morning – Invoices/receipts notifications sent
  • Thursday – send to Texas A&M
    • Friday morning – received by Texas A&M
    • Friday morning – transaction summary sent
    • Friday evening – posted to FAMIS
    • Saturday morning – Invoices/receipts notifications sent
  • Friday – send to Texas A&M
    • Saturday morning – received by Texas A&M
    • Saturday morning – transaction summary sent
    • Monday evening – posted to FAMIS
    • Tuesday morning – Invoices/receipts notifications sent