Travel Awards

The Division of Research and the Texas A&M Postdoctoral Association (Texas A&M PDA) jointly offer up to five travel awards of $500.00 twice a year. Applications will be evaluated on a holistic basis, considering merit and service. Evaluations will be performed by an independent committee composed by faculty and postdocs.

Travel Award Application Form


Award support participation in conferences or professional meetings between July 1 through December 31, 2022. Applications are open April 18 and are due May 6, 2022.


  • Must have a postdoctoral appointment at Texas A&M.
  • Postdocs are limited to one award per fiscal year.
  • Every applicant must be the presenting author on the conference abstract.

Required Application Materials

You must provide the following documents:

  1. Completed Travel Award Application (live link to Infoready). In the application, you must specify the source from which expenses over $500 would be covered, such as a department or faculty mentor. You must also provide a brief essay that describes your field of study and how this conference is important to your professional development. Finally, you must provide a brief description of your involvement in the Texas A&M postdoctoral community.
  2. Abstract for conference or professional meeting
  3. Current CV limited to 2 pages
  4. Letter of support from a faculty mentor or a departmental advisor that (a) explains your contribution to research and (b) includes the source of funds from which your expenses will be covered.

Award Criteria

  • Evidence of commitment to career and professional development
  • Evidence that the conference is relevant to your field of study and career development.

Proof of abstract submission, receipt of conference registration and other receipts are required to claim the award.
If the application is for support of registration fee for a virtual conference, then the award will cover only the registration fee.

Evaluation Rubric

Abstract and Letter of Support

  1. Quality of submitted abstract
  2. Impact/innovation of research

CV (limited to 2 pages)

  1. Research accomplishments
  2. Publication record
  3. Awards/honors

Evaluation of Essay

  1. Description of field of study
  2. Description of meeting relevance to field

The decision of the judging panel is final.