Microscopy and Imaging

Cardiovascular Pathology Lab

Contact: Fred Clubb Jr.

Title: Laboratory Director and Pathologist

Email: deadbeatdoc@tamu.edu

Contact: Staci Horn

Title: Assistant Research Scientist

Email: sjessen@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.458.1074

IBT Pre-Clinical Imaging Core-Houston, TX

Name: Jiang Chang

Title: Director

Email: jiangchang@tamu.edu

Phone: 713.677.7603

IBT-Center for Advanced Imaging, Houston, TX

Name: Michael Mancini

Title: Director

Email: mancini@bcm.edu

Phone: 713.798.8952

Name: Leoncio Vergara

Title: Co-Director

Email: leovergara@tamu.edu

Phone: 713.677.7636


Contact: Clifford Stephan

Title: Director

Email: cstephan@tamu.edu

Phone: 713.677.7456

Image Analysis Laboratory-Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Name: Robert C. Burghardt

Title: Director

Email: burghardt@cvm.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.862.4083

Name: Joseph Szule

Email: jszule@cvm.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.9527

Integrated Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory

Name: Andreaa Trache

Title: Director

Email: trache@tamu.edu

Name: Malea Murphy

Title: Facility Manager

Email: maleamurphy@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.436.9037

Microscopy and Imaging Center

Name: Avery McIntosh

Title: Assistant Director

Email: almcintosh@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.3639

VMBS Core Histology Laboratory

Contact: Yava Jones-Hall

Title: Director

Email: yavajh@cvm.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.458.6486

Other core facilities that provide services in this thematic area

Laboratory for Synthetic-Biologic Interactions

Contact: Karen Wooley

Title: Director

Email: wooley@chem.tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.4077

Contact: Justin Smolen

Title: Assistant Director

Email: smolen@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.862.3713

Materials Characterization Facility

Name: Miladin Radovic

Title: Director

Email: mradovic@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.845.5114

Contact: Yordanos Bisrat

Title: Facility Manager

Email: ybisrat@tamu.edu

Phone: 979.862.5958

School of Dentistry Research Core-Dallas, TX

Name: Shannon Kramer

Title: Research Coordinator

Email: sfkramer@tamu.edu

Phone: 214.828.3244