Centers and Institutes

Research centers and institutes play an important role in the academic landscape at Texas A&M, bringing together scholars and scientists—often from different disciplines—to tackle major research challenges. 

Thematic Areas

Climate and the Environment

Climate and the Environment involves all centers and institutes whose focus relates to all aspects of the climate and environment, including atmospheric sciences, natural resources, and environmental and oceanic sustainability.

Computation and Information

Computation and Information includes all centers and institutes relating to the mathematical sciences, information and data science and engineering, cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems, internet of things, and autonomous systems.

Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach includes centers and institutes whose main focus is in education, law, social issues, and the arts, broadly interpreted.

Energy, Food and Water

Energy, Food, and Water encompasses all centers and institutes whose focus has societal, policy, ethical, or research components relating to food, water, energy, and the nexus, as well as sustainability of these resources.

Global Health and Security

Global Health and Security includes all centers and institutes relating to health and security on a global scale. Examples include vector borne diseases, antimicrobial resistance, vaccine manufacturing, human and animal health; and nuclear proliferation, terrorism, immigration, and cybersecurity (also under Computation and Information).


Healthcare centers and institutes relate to all aspects of human, animal, and plant health, including precision medicine, precision agriculture, microbiome, genomics, biological informatics, and remote healthcare.

Infrastructure, Materials and Manufacturing

Infrastructure, Materials and Manufacturing centers and institutes relating to infrastructure, including transportation, the smart grid (also under Energy, Food, and Water), urban development, logistics, as well as materials related research, and all aspects of manufacturing.

Society, Policy and the Economy

Society, Policy, and the Economy comprises all centers and institutes whose focus relates to the humanities, social sciences, policy and law, and the economy.

Centers and Institutes Policies, Rules, and Guidelines