AgriGenomics Laboratory

The primary goal of the AgriGenomics Lab (AGL) is to assist graduate students, staff and faculty launch, economize and expedite their research, especially when it involves DNA extraction and quality checks, targeted genotyping and DNA content analysis. We also will, as needed, facilitate usage of complementary cores and assist with research planning and data analysis.

AGL members have free lab access and reduced costs for services as well as one-on-one training and advising with AGL staff. Texas A&M system users can purchase services at a cost-effective rate. This service is especially useful for investigators interested in exploring new techniques, and obtaining pilot data sets for external funding proposals. Non-system members are also welcome to set up projects using AGL facilities.


  • PHERAstar® Microplate Reader: FRET capable with KlusterKaller software
  • Denovix DS-11 spectrophotometer / fluorometer: For nucleic acid and protein quantity and quality measurements
  • BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer
  • Advanced Analytical fragment analyzer
  • Hydrocycler: high capacity thermocycler (8×96-well plates or 16×384-well plates)
  • Bioer GenePro 96-well thermocycler
  • ABI Veriti 384-well thermocycler
  • SPEX 1600 MiniG plate homogenizer: tubes or plates
  • Apricot Designs i-Pipette 96: semi-automated plate replicator
  • Nuaire refrigerated centrifuge
  • Labnet Accuseal semi-automated plate sealer
  • Thermofisher Barnstead Nanopure® water filtration system
  • Labconco FreeZone® 6L freeze dryer