IBT-Center for Advanced Imaging, Houston, TX

The goal of the joint IBT-BCM Center for Advanced Imaging is to develop a framework to support multi-investigator, multi-institutional grants using advanced imaging technology to accelerate drug discovery and therapeutic development through leading edge R&D and screening via live and fixed cell confocal and deconvolution microscopy, and fully-automated high throughput microscopy.

Equipment that can be reserved for self-use after appropriate training:

  • W1-Yokogawa/Nikon Live cell Imaging Spinning Disk Confocal: single dual-disk scanhead, 7 lasers, fast FRAP/Optogenetics scanner, 7 channel wide field DIC/fluorescence, high resolution/high sensitivity sCMOS (BSI) camera, live cell incubator, color camera and high content imaging module.
  • Nikon A1si: Spectral Confocal with 5-Channels, TIRF upgrade, wide field ratiometric imaging (fura2, etc), EM-CCD camera and live cell incubator.
  • DeltaVision Elite: deconvolution microscope with hi-res, hi-speed sCMOS camera and live cell incubator.
  • Image Analysis Workstation: Nikon NIS-Elements advanced research image analysis, deconvolution with batch processing and Image J (FIJI)


By utilizing our Center for Advanced Imaging Core and its associated instruments, data acquisition, analysis, or interpretations, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Please acknowledge the core’s CPRIT grant number RP170719 in any resulting publications, presentations, or reports. Include the grant number in an appropriate acknowledgment section to provide recognition for the support received by the core. Users must comply with applicable laws, properly acknowledge our contribution, and adhere to data-sharing policies.

This disclaimer is subject to change, and it is your responsibility to stay updated. Please contact us for any questions or concerns.