IBT-Center for Advanced Imaging, Houston, TX

The goal of the joint IBT-BCM Center for Advanced Imaging is to develop a framework to support multi-investigator, multi-institutional grants using advanced imaging technology to accelerate drug discovery and therapeutic development through leading edge R&D and screening via live and fixed cell confocal and deconvolution microscopy, and fully-automated high throughput microscopy.

Equipment that can be reserved for self-use after appropriate training:

  • W1-Yokogawa/Nikon Live cell Imaging Spinning Disk Confocal: single dual-disk scanhead, 7 lasers, fast FRAP/Optogenetics scanner, 7 channel wide field DIC/fluorescence, high resolution/high sensitivity sCMOS (BSI) camera, live cell incubator, color camera and high content imaging module.
  • Nikon A1si: Spectral Confocal with 5-Channels, TIRF upgrade, wide field ratiometric imaging (fura2, etc), EM-CCD camera and live cell incubator.
  • DeltaVision Elite: deconvolution microscope with hi-res, hi-speed sCMOS camera and live cell incubator.
  • Image Analysis Workstation: Nikon NIS-Elements advanced research image analysis, deconvolution with batch processing and Image J (FIJI)