Integrated Metabolomics Analysis Core

  • Open access core facility available to all Texas A&M users for Metabolomics service and research
  • Different levels of service from drop-off to collaborative projects
  • Training for Texas A&M postdoctoral fellows and students to use the state-of-the-art instrumentation in support of specific projects
  • Short courses and workshops on advances in metabolomics


TSQ Altis Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific) offers improvements in the ion source, mass analyzer and RF electronics to offer high sensitivity, reduced noise, and more data points with high SRM rates compared to previous generation instruments. Segmented quadrupoles enhance ion transmission and consistency to ensure superb sensitivity. This triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is used for Targeted Metabolomics (Quantification). We use Trace Finder Software for data analysis which allows for an array of capabilities in performing targeted screening and quantification.

Q-Exactive Plus Orbitrap Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific). This system is a High Resolution Accurate Mass instrument and has the ability to routinely and confidently identify, quantify, and confirm in a single analysis using a single mass spectrometer. This high resolution mass spectrometer is used for Untargeted Metabolomics (Discovery). We use Compound Discoverer software series for data acquisition, analysis and small molecule identification.

TSQ Quantiva Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific) uses active ion management to exceed even  the most stringent analytical requirements with high sensitivity, speed, and dynamic range. Selected reaction monitoring (SRM) uses collision-induced dissociation which is used as a means to increase selectivity. This triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is used for Targeted Metabolomics (Quantification). We use Trace Finder Software for data analysis which allows for an array of capabilities in performing targeted screening and quantification.

TSQ 8000 EVO Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific) is another triple quadrupole instrument and is used for both Targeted and Untargeted Metabolomics.

Analysis Methods:

LC-MS Standard Targeted Protocols

1. Amino acid analysis

2. Aromatic amino acid metabolism pathway analysis

3. Curcumin and metabolite analysis

4. Single compound methods for hydroxyproline, various drugs and other compounds

5. PFA’s and other environmental contaminants

6. Bile acids

7. Cinnamic acid metabolism

8. Catecholamines

9. Benzoic acid metabolites / polyphenols

LC-MS Standard Untargeted Protocols

1. Standard reverse phase analysis – Amino acids and metabolites, secondary metabolites

2. Standard HILIC – Sugar phosphates, carboxylic acids and amino acids

3. Extended reverse phase analysis – Compound and degradant analysis, metabolite identification

Custom methods – We are always excited to develop new methods for specific applications

GC-MS Standard Targeted Protocols

1. Short chain fatty acids

2. Fatty acid methyl ester analysis

3. Sterol analysis

4. Single compound methods for farnesol, p-cresol and various other compounds.