Biomolecular NMR Laboratory

The Biomolecular NMR facility of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics is hosted in newly built NMR wing of the BioBio building located on the West Campus of Texas A&M University.  The facility consists of four state of the art NMR spectrometers including a Bruker AVANCE III 800 MHz. At 18.8 Tesla, this modern spectrometer represent one of the very few ultra-high field instruments currently operational in southern United States and Texas. It is equipped with 5mm TCI cryoprobe, which has exceptional proton detection sensitivity of 10,677:1.

The facility also hosts two more Bruker AVANCE III HD spectrometers, a 600 MHz and a 500 MHz; alongside a Varian 600 MHz. All these spectrometers are ideally suited for solution-state NMR studies on biological macromolecules like proteins and nucleic acids. In addition Bruker 800 MHz and Varian 600 MHz have capabilities to perform solid-state NMR experiments.

Bruker AVANCE III 800

Bruker AVANCE III HD 600

Bruker AVANCE III HD 500