NSF MRSEC Proposal Process 2022

Texas A&M University is preparing for an anticipated call for proposals from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers Program (MRSEC). (Current Solicitation: NSF 21-625)

Texas A&M University will be limited to 1 submission of a pre-proposal comprised of two or three Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) per center and led by a single faculty member acting as director of the MRSEC. While the IRGs do not have to be thematically interconnected, the MRSEC director must be able to articulate an overarching vision for the center.

In anticipation of the upcoming call, the below process was developed to increase Texas A&M University’s competitiveness for such a center. Additionally, the Vice President for Research is investing funds and logistical proposal support to the team selected to submit on behalf of Texas A&M University with the following,

  1. Full support for the development of the preliminary and full proposal (if invited) by Research Development Services.
  2. Funds to support the team effort, including for course buyout for one semester if a proposal is invited to submit a full proposal, graphics support, and external consultant support. A request for funds should be submitted through the PI’s Associate Dean for Research.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Deadlines below are subject to change. All tentative deadlines will be finalized after the official RFP release date to provide teams ample time to revise their proposal, if needed, in response to the new RFP. 

Internal Process and Timeline for NSF MRSEC 2022

The purpose is for Researchers to submit an Interest Document (1-2-pages) that will:

  1. Allow the Review Committee to understand researcher topical interests across the Texas A&M research community, interests of those wanting to serve as an IRG lead, and interests of those wanting to serve as the Center Director.
  2. A packet to be assembled and distributed to everyone who submits an Interest Document. The document will contain researchers’ profiles and contact information to enable collaboration and team forming.

The purpose is to enable the formation of teams to submit a Single IRG Concept Proposal. Teams may be formed by individuals in the Researcher Profile Packet  and can be formed by either:

  1. Self-Identified IRG Leads: leads can review the Researcher Profile Packet and communicate with researchers to discuss collaboration within leads project idea.
  2. Individual Researchers: researchers can review the Researcher Profile Packet and communicate with self-identified IRG leads to discuss collaboration within leads project idea.

The outcome is to form a Single IRG Team and submit a Single IRG Concept Proposal.

An IRG Concept Packet will be assembled from the Single IRG Concept Proposals and distributed to all Single IRG Concept Leads.

Single IRG Concept Leads/Teams will review the Concept Packets and coordinate with other Leads/Teams (3 IRG Teams max) to establish partnerships and create a Concept Center Proposal that they believe can best yield a strong and cohesive center. Note: Concept IRG Teams can participate in multiple Center Level Concept Proposals.

The internal review process will include:

  1. Evaluation of the Center Level Concept Proposals by the Review Committee.
    • Evaluation Begins: 12/02/21 
  2. The Review Committee will notify all teams of the proposal selected to submit the single proposal on behalf of Texas A&M University.
    • Team Selection Announcement: 12/17/21 

A kick-off meeting between the Proposal Team, relevant Division of Research departments, and external consultants (if applicable) to establish roles, responsibilities, and timeline for the development of the preliminary and full proposal development process.

  • Kickoff Meeting: TBD in January, 2022

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