Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning 


To enhance excellence in undergraduate education through the development of a national faculty committed to implementing & advancing effective teaching practices for diverse learners as part of successful & varied professional careers 

Core Ideas 
  • Learning Communities 
  • Learning-through-Diversity 
  • Teaching-as-Research 
Broader Impacts 

Improved education and educator development at any level 

CIRTL@TAMU provides support through:

CIRTL@TAMU Faculty Fellows program  

  • Facilitate current CIRTL Cross-Network programs  
  • Logistical support for faculty-designed programs, and workshops that support the CIRTL mission 

Teach-As-Research Faculty Mentors program 

  • Mentor graduate students in a mini-research project designed to assess effective teaching practices

Networking and collaboration opportunities  

  • Across disciplines & universities in the CIRTL Network 

Professional development in teaching  

  • Resources for faculty  
  • Training for postdoctoral scholars & graduate students 

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Dr. Morgan Schweller 
Professional Development Coordinator 
Graduate and Professional School 

Dr. Julie Harlin 
Associate Dean 
Graduate and Professional School 

National and local organization that helps current and future faculty develop and advance evidence-based teaching practices to enhance undergraduate education.

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