Arts & Humanities Fellows

The annual selection of new fellows recognizes extraordinary scholarship and creativity among Texas A&M faculty members who are engaged in the humanities or the creative arts. A three-year fellowship supports significant advancement or completion of a major project, which may be at any stage of development. Applications must clearly articulate a project’s value to humanities scholars and general audiences.

About the Fellowships

  • Each fellowship includes a three-year grant of $15,000 to support scholarship in the humanities or creative work in the arts.
  • Fellows may use their funds as needed to advance or complete their projects.
  • All forms of scholarly research and creative projects are supported. However, the fellowship does not support teaching activities, such as preparing textbooks or developing curriculum.
  • The program publicizes fellows and their projects through an online showcase of animated shorts.

Class of 2021

Daniel Bare

Assistant Professor
Religious Studies Program
College of Liberal Arts

Deborah Carlson

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
College of Liberal Arts

Daniel Conway

Department of Philosophy
College of Liberal Arts

Sara DiCaglio

Assistant Professor
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts

Jessica Howell

Associate Professor
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts

Hyeran Jo

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
College of Liberal Arts

Hilaire Kallendorf

Department of Hispanic Studies
College of Liberal Arts

Alain Lawo-Sukam

Associate Professor
Department of Hispanic Studies
College of Liberal Arts

Jennifer Mercieca

Associate Professor
Department of Communication
College of Liberal Arts

Zachary Stewart

Assistant Professor
Department of Architecture
College of Architecture

Animated Shorts

Citizen Said

This Nigerian writer explored US citizenship from the perspective of an African Muslim immigrant. (Ira Dworkin)

Indian Doctresses

The success of these 19th century practitioners demonstrates how stereotypes pervade American life. (Angela Pulley Hudson)

Words and Swords

This new book examines the root cause for today’s geopolitical tensions and Asian-American hate. (Jun Lei)


These albums combine technology with human experience to find new avenues of creative expression. (Jeff Morris)

East Meets West

This composer aims to transcend imagined boundaries to celebrate similarities between musical cultures. (Martin Regan)

Life in Peacetime

What can we learn from the US military presence in Germany after World War II? (Adam Seipp)

Facing Evil

Why do ordinary people take part in genocide and other crimes against humanity? (Daniel Conway)


These provocative paintings depict contemporary women as iconic Western heroes. (Felice House)

Almost Citizens

Four million citizens live in five US territories. Why do they lack some basic rights? (Katherine Unterman)

Bring Back Syriac

This ancient dialect once flourished, but is often neglected by modern scholars. (Daniel Schwartz)

Empire’s Nursery

As the United States expanded globally, children’s literature spread its values. (Brian Rouleau)

Invisible Women

Landmarks can make US history come alive, but often forget to honor female leaders. (Kristan Poirot)

Two Vietnams

During the Vietnam War, both north and south worked diligently to shape young minds. (Olga Dror)

Urban Revival

This new model helps urban planners forecast vacancies and attract new owners and tenants. (Galen Newman)