LAUNCH Capstones 

  • Year-long independent, integrative, signature experience combining students’ career goals and interests 
  • Faculty-mentored project with a focus in areas related to:  
  • Research 
  • Service 
  • Teaching 
  • Performance 

In two semesters, Capstone Scholars will: 

  • Explore their academic and personal interests or inquiries 
  • Reflect on their project’s relation to their future goals through career readiness prompts 
  • Engage their peers in providing and receiving critical feedback on their project 
  • Publicly present a project that summarizes the academic experience, leaving their unique mark on this campus 


114 Henderson 

Capstone Programs housed in the LAUNCH Department consist of four unique two semester experiences that are an amalgamation of a student’s personal interest, an inquiry or a question and their academic experience. Capstones are designed to showcase the knowledge, skills and abilities a student has honed over the past three or four years. These projects include regular reflection designed using NACE core competencies, AAC&U and LAUNCH Learning Objectives. Students’ projects are overseen by a faculty or staff member or a professional in the students’ respective fields of interest. At the end of the capstone experience, students will publicly present a summation of their experience. Faculty or staff identified as the students’ capstone advisors are encouraged to be as hands-on as the project and time allows. All University Honors students in our program must complete a capstone project to complete their University Honors Distinction, but any undergraduate student with at least a 3.0 may apply for a capstone in the LAUNCH department.