Center for Educational Technologies 

Center for Educational Technologies 

Instructional Design 

Our faculty work alongside subject matter experts to construct engaging educational resources and experiences. 

Application Development 

Our programmers develop custom online learning environments to meet your needs. 

Graphic Design & Illustration 

Our visual artists create a polished result, giving your project credibility and a professional impression. 

Web Hosting 

Our instructional technologists create a website where your content will be hosted and accessible to learners across the globe. 

Multimedia Production 

Our videographers shoot, record, and edit videos and photos in our fully equipped studio, in the field, or in your space. 

Program Evaluation 

Our program evaluators create and conduct educational studies for your project. 

For More Information 

The Center for Educational Technologies specializes in developing education programs, training and outreach activities that complement technical experts’ research activities. Many external sponsors request that researchers’ scientific findings be disseminated through education and outreach programs. This is where the CET’s faculty can step in. By partnering with the CET, researchers can focus on their technical expertise, while CET faculty translates your research into training programs and disseminating findings to the public. The CET offers online hosting services for websites and virtual learning. The CET has a state-of-the-art video production studio on campus, video equipment to film on-location and equipment to film on-the-go, such as with GoPros. The CET has worked with industry, academic and government research partners on both public and private grants.

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