Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation 

Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation 

IEEI’s (Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation) mission is to advance engineering education through inclusive and effective engineering programs by promoting research and innovative engagement to help engineers meet global challenges. 

Our vision is to support faculty and researchers to help Texas A&M University Lead the world in IDEA Engineering.  

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The Institute is a joint center of Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) that aims to make Texas A&M the best in Engineering Education research, teaching and service. The Institute’s mission is to engage in research and professional development to advance the practice of Engineering Education by creating, synthesizing and disseminating research leading to the development of inclusive and transformative engineering learning environments for students and educators. The Institute’s vision is to be recognized as an innovative leader in Engineering Education by 2030, through its scholarly impact, innovative academic prowess and community of practice, based on its values of respect, excellence, loyalty, leadership and integrity.