Center for Teaching Excellence 

Center for Teaching Excellence 


The Center for Teaching Excellence supports Texas A&M University’s educational mission by forging partnerships to inspire and sustain faculty, student, and organizational transformation through innovative, dynamic, and inclusive learning design guided by evidence-based practices.  


An instution-wide culture of excellence in teaching and learning grounded in evidence-based pedagogy through critical reflection on personal and educational assumptions, instentions, and reasons – recognizing and affirming the inherent value of varied perspective, which are integral to teaching, and striving to ensure faculty, teaching assistants, and students of all backgrounds and identities are welcomed and provided with the resources and skill development they need to excel.  

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Working together across disciplines to reach new understandings of complex issues and potential solutions. 
  • Compassionate Service: Embodying the aggie core value of selfless service – the giving of one’s self for the greater good, without regard to personal gain or recognition – as instructors, mentors, students, and fellow citizens. 
  • Transformational Curricular Innovation: Enhancing curriculum at both the program and the course level so that it is current, relevant, learner – centered, and high-impact. 
  • Distinctive Quality: Maintaining a. high standard of excellence consistently in all activities. 
  • Celebratory Recognition: Honoring the accomplishments and contributions of faculty of all academic ranks engaged in instruction. 
  • Visionary Leadership: Designing structures that challenge assumptions and support transformation. 
Five Specialized Emphasis Areas 
  • Educational Development and Recognition (for Faculty and Graduate Students) 
  • Digital Learning (Canvas LMS, Generative AI) 
  • Curriculum Development and Support (Curricular Redesign) 
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Classroom Research) 
  • Mentoring and Graduate Education (Developing a Culture of Mentoring) 
Broader Impacts 

The Center assists faculty with identifying methods appropriate to meeting the educational outcomes of proposals incuding learning outcomes, assessment strategies, and instructional approaches. A letter of collaboration can be provided. 

Contact CTE 

John R. Blocker  
Suite 232 4246 TAMU 

Nagle Hall 
Suite 305 3002 TAMU 

College Station TX 77843 
979 845 8392 

Texas A&M University | Center for Teaching Excellence 

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers instructional professional development for those engaged in the teaching mission of Texas A&M University. Whether you teach in a traditional classroom setting, within the campus learning management system or utilize a hybrid format, our team can assist you with creating and maintaining an effective and efficient learning environment that supports student success. The Center assists faculty with identifying methods appropriate to the educational broader impacts of proposals. Educational Consultants can advise on connecting proposal outcomes to student learning outcomes for a course, selecting instructional strategies aligned with outcomes and identifying assessments to gather evidence of student learning. A letter of collaboration can be provided. Faculty can also learn about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a potential component of their project.