Texas A&M High Performance Computing 

Partnering on Outreach

Leverage our programs to strengthen your broader impacts

  • Teach a short course on computing to the TAMU community
  • Participate as an instructor in the Summer Computing Academy program camps for middle and high school students
  • Join the the NSF SWEETER CyberTeam to explore computing-driven research and educational partnerships with universities in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona 
  • Participate in our NSF BRICCs community to support research computing at smaller institutions and community colleges 
  • Make your computing products available on the NSF ACES, NSF FASTER, and NSF Frontera machines

ACES | Accelerating Computing For Emerging Sciences 
BRICCS | Building Research Innovation at Community Colleges
CC CYBERTEA SWEETER | Research | Enablement | Training

High Performance Research Computing | hprc.tamu.edu

Texas A&M High Performance Research Computing offers outreach programs that support computing at K-12, undergraduate and professional levels. Our Summer Computing Academy program organizes computing camps for middle and high school students. These camps offer a mix of data sciences, cybersecurity and cloud computing. Faculty are welcome to teach and participate in these camps. We lead the SouthWest Expertise Exchange in Training Engagement and Research (SWEETER) Cyberteam that was funded by the National Science Foundation. SWEETER expands to several universities across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The SWEETER Cyberteam helps advance cyberinfrastructure resources via a model of shared resources. Building Research Innovation at Community Colleges (BRICCs) is an NSF-funded community-building program that aims to bring advances in cyberinfrastructure to smaller universities and community colleges. These collaborative programs offer platforms to engage with researchers at other schools or include dissemination mechanisms.

To learn more about our program, please visit our website at hprc.tamu.edu.