Academic Courses in Higher Inclusive Education and Vocational Experiences 

Texas’ first inclusive, certificate-based, four-year educational opportunity for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


Housed within the Department of Educational Psychology in the College of Education and Human Development, Aggie ACHIEVE is also affiliated with the Center on Disability and Development, a nationally recognized University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD). 


Dr. Heather Dulas 
Aggie Achieve Program Director

Help support Aggie ACHIEVE and other programs in the School of Education and Human Development and with the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University. 

While students enrolled in the program will pay over $20,000 per year for non-state supported academic and support fees, private funding is needed to support the organizational structure. Philanthropic support is critical to ensure this start-up initiative is on a path to success. To partner with us on this life-changing effort, contact: 

Amy Hurley 
Senior Director of Development  

Ashley Y. Bryant 
Development Relations Coordinator 

Texas A&M University | Center on Disability & Development 


Aggie ACHIEVE exists as an accommodation to assist college students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to successfully attend college. Aggie ACHIEVE supports both student and faculty by bridging the communication between the student and the professor. Before the start of the semester, the student and faculty, along with ACHIEVE staff, participate in an ILA (Individual Learning Agreement) meeting. During this meeting, faculty provides the student and program staff with the course information and expectations. The student will provide information regarding support and accommodation they may need. Aggie ACHIEVE provides Study Hall support (minimum of 4 hours per week) for each student to be successful in their courses. Faculty are not required to change their teaching style or provide one-on-one instruction. ACHIEVE students can receive additional supports from Disability Resources including note taker assistance, extended time on assignments and tests, alternate assignment and testing options (ACHIEVE students can submit power point presentations or have shortened tests). The accommodations are discussed as a team during the ILA. Each member of the ILA meeting is provided with a copy of the ILA agreement. Additional faculty support includes open communication with the program if there is an issue and or if additional support is needed. At the end of the semester, faculty completes an end-of-semester ILA to provide feedback on the student’s performance, their experience teaching and if the faculty would like to continue the partnership with Aggie ACHIEVE. Research Support: Research plays an integral role in immersive education for students with disabilities. ACHIEVE students have participated in research as research participants and project research team members. Aggie ACHIEVE can support the faculty and student by providing letters of support and or collaboration, a bio sketch, disability resource accommodations for the student, Job Coach to support the student in their research assignments, open communication and overall general support.