Basic Training

The basic course for export controls & embargo training (course number 2111212) is available through TrainTraq. Depending on the nature of an individual’s activities and/or job functions, a university employee may be required to take supplemental export control training as deemed appropriate by the individual’s supervisor and/or the empowered official.

Training Update 2012

It is the policy of Texas A&M University to comply with United States export control laws and regulations while maintaining an open research environment that welcomes the participation of researchers from around the world.

All university employees should view export control compliance as an important part of their day-to-day responsibilities. Export control laws regulate the conditions under which certain information, technologies, and commodities can be transmitted to foreign persons or entities in the United States or abroad. In addition, export control laws and regulations restrict or prohibit the transaction of business with certain countries, persons, and entities that have been sanctioned by federal agencies as a threat to important U.S. interests. Most exports do not require specific approval from the federal government. Certain exports, however, require a license. Others are prohibited.

In accordance with university rule 15.02.99.M1 Export Controls and System Policy 15.03 Export Controls, university employees with managerial or supervisory authority over foreign persons or projects involving controlled information or controlled physical items are required to take the Office of Research Compliance's basic export control online training course at least once every two years.

In March 2012, an export control working group was organized to consider export control issues of concern, ensure coordination of compliance efforts, and assist each other on developing enhancements to existing processes and procedures and to share training resources and best practices.  As part of its charge, the working group developed training recommendations to facilitate the automated assignment of mandatory export control training for certain classes of university employees via TrainTraq. The proposed mandatory assignments were discussed with and approved by the affected groups—many of which had already begun implementing mandatory training within their organizations in compliance with the university rule.

Beginning August 31, 2012, automated TrainTraq training assignments for basic export control training will be made for the following classes of employees:

  • All employees of Texas A&M University - Qatar Campus, excluding local hires;
  • All employees of the Division of Research, excluding research animal technicians/caretakers;
  • All employees of the International Ocean Discovery Program;
  • All employees of the Supercomputing Facility;
  • All full-time employees of the Study Abroad Programs Office; and
  • All employees of International Faculty and Scholar Services

TrainTraq assignments will also be made for:

  • All employees identified on proposed technology control plans processed through the University’s export control office; and
  • Supervisors submitting requests to hire foreign nationals through International Faculty and Scholar Services

Questions about export control training or export controls should be directed to the program at or 979.862.6419.