CMP Administration

CMP’s Mission

To enhance excellence in research and teaching at Texas A&M University through the provision of high quality animal care, at an affordable cost to the faculty, consistent with the standards established by the “Guide for the Care & Use of Laboratory Animals” and all pertinent local, state, and federal laws.

About CMP

The Comparative Medicine Program is the centrally administered support service for animal research and teaching programs at Texas A&M. CMP’s facilities and services are available for all Texas A&M campus affiliated faculty, staff, and students who have been approved to conduct animal research by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The Animal Care Program  (with the exception of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) is accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

CMP facilities offer housing and care for most standard laboratory animals. Specialized housing can be provided for projects utilizing biohazardous agents and hazardous chemical projects. Varying degrees of animal isolation are available. Housing for large animal species is limited; however, various other campus animal care facilities can provide housing for large animals.

CMP also offers a variety of services to institutional personnel. These services include the procurement of animals and animal husbandry supplies, provision of veterinary care, use of CMP surgical facilities, a polyclonal antibody production service, technical support services, and animal use training services.

CMP Administrative Staff

Robert Rose, DVM, CMP Executive Director, Responsible for direction and oversight of the Comparative Medicine Program, Attending Veterinarian

Gabrielle Kapp, Director
Responsible for the animal care/husbandry program at CMP and CMP-maintained facilities, and for quality assurance

Clay Ashley, DVM, Associate Executive Director

Phone/Fax Numbers

CMP Administration/Information 979.845.7433 
Fax (all offices, all personnel) 979.845.6706
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