Training Workshops

A primary activity of the Animal Care and Use Training Program is providing workshops on common CMP animal procedures. Faculty, staff, and graduate students involved with animal care and use are encouraged to attend these workshops. Each workshop will provide hands-on training on acceptable and humane methods for basic techniques commonly used in biomedical research. 

Workshops offered include:

Workshops for basic handling and techniques training with selected species are generally scheduled on a weekly basis. All other workshops are scheduled on an “As Needed/When Available” basis. Workshop space is limited; individuals interested in attending a training workshop must first request training and will then be assigned to a specific workshop. A new web-based CITI training program consisting of online animal care and use training modules is also available. All users are highly encouraged to participate in our CITI Training Program (free of charge). Specific CITI training modules must be completed by an individual before they will be able to attend certain CMP workshops.