Training with Mice, Rats, and Rabbits

Mice, rats, and rabbits are commonly used in biomedical teaching and research. Most studies using these animals involve simple handling and restraint, injections, and blood collections.

These procedures, when performed properly, are simple, humane, and technically straightforward. Safe and humane performance of these techniques requires skill, patience, and practical experience. Correct handling, restraint, and technical skills can be learned through specific training. Hands-on training is especially beneficial. These workshops are designed to instruct Texas A&M University personnel about acceptable basic methods and techniques. Investigators overseeing projects involving these animal species should ensure that all procedures are carried out by personnel who have received this or similar training. Participants in each workshop will be instructed on:

  • Methods of safe, humane handling and restraint, including anesthesia
  • Injection procedures including intramuscular, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, and intravenous injections
  • Blood collection techniques

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