Emergency Contact Information
(After Hours, Weekends and Holidays)

Investigative Personnel Contact Information

CMP supervisory staff must periodically contact investigators or their staff about emergency animal health problems or animal care issues. These concerns often arise after normal work hours or during weekends and holidays. To facilitate this essential communication link, CMP maintains a list of names and contact information for each investigative group. Personnel listed on the CMP contact list should be provided in the order in which investigative groups wish to have project personnel contacted.

CMP will initially collect this information as an investigative group begins work at the CMP facility. However, the program relies on the investigative groups to ensure that the information on the CMP list is current and correct. During weekends and holidays, at least one person from the investigative group should be available for CMP to contact for animal health care emergencies and concerns. Each contact individual should be identified to the CMP staff and the following information provided:

  • Name;
  • Home phone number;
  • Work phone number;
  • Cell phone number/beeper number if appropriate;
  • Email address; and
  • Any special notification requests so they may be reached.

If you would like to check to make sure your investigative group’s contact information is correct, please notify the supervisor of the area in which you house your animals.

CMP Personnel Contact Information

To contact CMP personnel after hours, on weekends or holidays, call the CMP administrative office number (979.845.7433). CMP provides animal health care seven days a week/365 days a year (366 if a leap year) and a duty supervisor and veterinarian are on call 24 hours a day.

Emergency Contact

On call supervisor: 979.777.7014
Texas A&M Radio Room: 979.845.4311