Purchase of Animals, Drugs, and Supplies

Animal Orders

In order to assure compliance with federal regulations, ALL non-agricultural use research / teaching animals must be purchased through (or in coordination with) CMP. A current, approved Texas A&M University animal use protocol form (AUP) is required before animal orders can be processed. AUP approval will be verified before animals are ordered and animals will not be ordered unless housing space is available.

CMP personnel will assist investigators in locating specific strains, stocks, or breeds of animals (see “Animal Vendors” below). CMP personnel will verify the health status of animals provided by vendors and insure order information is complete.

Investigators must complete an animal order form for ALL animal acquisitions. This includes any animals that will be housed at CMP, CMP-maintained facilities, or other campus locations. The animal order form is available through the CMP website.

Orders are placed by CMP staff with animal vendors on a weekly basis. The CMP deadline for animal orders is Tuesday at noon for the order to be placed the same week. Orders received after Tuesday at noon will be placed the following week.

Faxed animal orders are accepted, but the original, completed form must be immediately sent to CMP through campus mail. It is the responsibility of the investigative group to verify that the faxed order was received by CMP before the deadline.

Animals usually will arrive the week following the order depending on availability. Older animals are not routinely available without prior notice to the vendor. Vendors ask to be given plenty of advance notice when such orders are needed to allow ample time to accumulate the number of older animals needed. Standing orders for such animals are preferred.

Transportation (shipping) charges for the animals will be distributed between all investigators receiving animals in each shipment. Transportation charges can be minimized when vendors use their own transport vehicles. Air transportation is substantially more expensive. It is also discouraged between the months of May and September due to the potential for serious consequences from heat stress. When animals arrive, CMP will contact the investigative group to confirm their arrival and housing location.

Animal shipments are not routinely received during university holidays. Please check with the CMP administrative office to identify when animals can last be ordered and received before a major holiday break.

For additional information on animal orders and for price quotes, call 979.845.7433.

Animal Vendors

Animal vendors are approved by CMP veterinary staff, based on routine assessment of health data and animal quality. If an investigator wishes to receive animals from another source (another institution, overseas, etc) the animal shipment must be coordinated and approved by a CMP clinical veterinarian prior to moving the animals. This will ensure that CMP staff is fully prepared to house the incoming animals and effectively protect the rest of the animal population from potential pathogen exposure from a new group.

Rodents must be purchased through or in coordination with the CMP offices. One TAMUS supplier, TIGM* and Several CMP approved commercial vendors have been selected based on health monitoring programs and animal quality. Research staff can utilize a variety of parameters such as age, sex, strain, stock number, and specific dates of birth when ordering animals. If questions arise concerning a particular animal model, technical assistance is available through CMP and commercial vendor representatives. Special arrangements with CMP veterinary and supervisory staff are required if rodents are requested from sources/locations other than those that are CMP-approved.

Rabbits must be purchased through, or in coordination with, CMP from commercial specific-pathogen-free (SPF) breeders. SPF rabbits are free from the respiratory pathogens Bordetella and Pasteurella. Dogs and cats must be acquired through, or in coordination with, CMP. These animals are conditioned, purpose-bred animals purchased through USDA registered dealers. Specific quarantine periods are required and include a veterinary supervised program and minimal base line data collection. Please call for details of the quarantine program or if there are special project requirements. Price information about dogs and cats is available through the CMP support office.

Agricultural species (swine, small ruminants, large ruminants, chickens) used for biomedical purposes must be purchased through or in coordination with the CMP offices. This includes animals purchased through the various agriculture production centers at Texas A&M. Acquisitions outside of the university’s production centers require review of herd history and health information prior to purchase of the animals. USDA requires some agricultural animal vendors to carry USDA licenses. Please contact the CMP, at 979.845.7433, for information about these requirements.

Housing for large animal species is limited and should be coordinated through CMP or the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Vet Med Park. CMP will assist investigators in locating animals and housing accommodations.

Purchase of Specialty Products/Supplies

Specialty products and supplies currently in use by the CMP facilities may be purchased through the CMP-Main facility, depending on product availability. Requests for large quantities should be made in writing and require at least one week advance notice. The investigator’s name and account number must be given when placing an order. A delivery charge will be added where applicable.

Purchase of Veterinary Drugs/Surgical Supplies

CMP Veterinary staff will assist investigators in acquiring most veterinary drugs and surgical supplies needed for investigative projects involving animals. A Veterinary Drug Request Form should be completed and submitted to the CMP Technical Services Coordinator that oversees the CMP surgery and pharmacy. Contact the CMP administrative office for additional information or for a veterinary drug request form.

Purchase of drugs that are labeled for distribution from a licensed medical professional must be:

1) approved on the animal use protocol (AUP) or 
2) prescribed by one of the CMP veterinarians.

Please note: Scheduled drugs (e.g., drugs that require current DEA and DPS registration) will not be sold to investigators through CMP.

Surgical sundries and supplies may be purchased from on-hand stocks normally stocked by CMP. The CMP surgical support staff will facilitate investigators in locating other needed supplies.

*Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine

The Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine (TIGM) provides transgenic core services to researchers within and outside The Texas A&M University System. Services include rederivation, cryopreservation, generation of transgenic mice and gene editing. Also, TIGM offers Texas A&M University System faculty with several strains of wild-type mice at a reduced cost. TIGM facilitates breakthroughs in science and medicine through internal research, scientific resources, investigator training, and provision of services to the scientific community at large.

For any transgenic needs or inquiries, please contact us at info@tigm.org