Huron Users: Don't forget to click submit

We hear you! Huron is new to you, and you have questions about how it works.

You finished putting your application together – now what?

You click submit!

Where is the submit button?

The submit button can be found on the main page of the submission in the column on the lefthand side.

Note: clicking “Finish” at the end of the application does not submit the study to the IRB.

But what if I don’t see the submit button?

The submit button is only visible to the PI and PI Proxy.

What if I am not the PI or PI Proxy?

You will want to contact your PI or PI Proxy using Huron’s messaging system.

How do I use Huron’s messaging system?

Great question! We have instructions for this. You can access them here.

Will the PI automatically be notified once the submission is ready to be submitted?

No! You must notify the PI using Huron’s messaging system or by sending them a personal email.

Does the PI have to click submit on every submission?

Yes, unless they delegate you the role of PI Proxy.

What is a PI Proxy?

The PI proxy may act on behalf of the Principal Investigator of the study and can submit a study for initial review, modify the study, or submit for continuing review.

How can I become a PI Proxy?

You will need to have a conversation with your PI to request this role as only the PI can designate you as a proxy. Instructions on how to add a PI Proxy can be found here.

Can there be more than one PI Proxy on a study?

Yes! The PI may assign more than one proxy, but all proxies must be listed as team members within the study.

I’ve clicked submit – now what?

Your submission will go from “pre-submission” to “pre-review”. This means that your application has been received by the HRPP Office and the pre-review process will begin.

What does “pre-review” mean?

This is when you and your IRB Coordinator work together to prepare your submission to be reviewed by a Board member for approval! Don’t be discouraged if you are asked for revisions or clarifications – this is how we ensure your study meets all the criteria for approval and follows the regulatory requirements.

How do I know who my IRB Coordinator is?

IRB Coordinators are assigned by department, and you can locate yours by clicking here. IRB Coordinators are always happy to help.