Huron FAQ

Submitting on behalf of the PI

1. I am ready to submit my study to the IRB, why am I not able to see the submit icon on the study workspace?

Only the PI/PI Proxy on an IRB protocol may submit to the IRB. If you are not able to see the submit icon in the study workspace, contact your PI and ask them to submit.

2. Can I alert the study PI through Huron that the submission is ready to submit?

Yes, Huron has a messaging system that permits you to send messages to the PI/PI proxy, Study Team, and/or IRB Coordinator. Click here for a quick guide on how to send comments from your study workspace in Huron.

PI Proxies and Primary Contacts

3. As a PI of an IRB study, can I assign another member of the research team the authority to submit an IRB protocol on my behalf?  

Yes, as the PI of a study you may assign a member of the research team the role of PI Proxy.  The PI Proxy is able to submit on your behalf to the IRB. You may assign multiple PI Proxies on a study. The PI Proxy role is assigned on an individual study basis. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to assign the role of PI Proxy.

4. Who receives study-related notifications in Huron?

Only the PI receives study-related notifications, unless a PI Proxy or Primary Contact is designated. Only the PI may assign a PI Proxy or Primary Contact. Click here for a quick guide on how to assign the role of PI Proxy and Primary Contact. 

Adding Students and Adjunct/Affiliate Personnel

5. I am trying to add study personnel to an IRB protocol, why am I not able to locate them in the system?

Some TAMU members (such as undergraduates, visiting scholars, and adjunct/affiliate professors) need to opt into their information being fed into Huron before they are active in the system. If you are not able to locate a member of your research team, have that individual visit the following website: Note: It will take 24 hours before their information is active in Huron.

Logging into CITI

6. Why am I not able to login to CITI with my institutional credentials?

To ensure that you are using your correct supported institutional login credentials (TAMU NetID only at this time) please follow these steps:

  • Use an “in private” window. In Edge/Internet Explorer, it’s called “InPrivate”, in Chrome, it’s called “Incognito” in Safari, it’s called “Private”.
  • Go to:
  • Login with your credentials
  • If you already have an existing CITI login when the “Associate your SSO account with a CITI Program account” dialog box appears, select “I already have a CITI Program account. Then enter your CITI Program Username and Password, and click “Log In”
  • If you do not have an existing CITI login then select “I don’t have a CITI Program account and I need to create one”. Follow all the prompts to create a CITI account and it will be automatically linked to you TAMU credentials.

7. Why am I not able to login to CITI with TTI/TEEX or other TAMUS institutional credentials?

At this time CITI SSO login only works with TAMU NetIDs. All system employees are eligible for a TAMU NetID. As an employee you may already have one, please use that credential. If you have not claimed a NetID you may claim it at Under the NEW TO TEXAS A&M? section please click the “Claim Your NetID” button to start the process.

8. I have linked my TAMU credentials with CITI. How long before my data is updated in Huron?

Generally it takes up to 24 hours for information to update in Huron. However, due to various factors updates may be delayed in certain rare circumstances. If you do not see updated training information in Huron after 3 business days please contact the IRB office.

9. I have signed into the new CITI link, but my CITI completion data is not showing in Huron. Will approval for my IRB application be delayed due to my CITI completion data not feeding into Huron?

No, your submission will not be delayed because your CITI completion information is not feeding into Huron. Your IRB coordinator will confirm you have completed the required CITI training by logging into the CITI website, and they will continue processing your application as normal.