HRP-001 Definitions

HRP-002 Education

HRP-004 Outreach and Community Involvement

HRP-005 HRPP Post Approval Monitoring and Quality Assurance Plan

HRP-006 Institutional Official

HRP-012 Observation of Consent Process

HRP-013 Legally Authorized Representatives, Children, and Guardians

HRP-015 Undue Influence of the HRPP

HRP-019 Terminated and Changed Status Users

HRP-020 Incoming Items

HRP-021 Pre-Review

HRP-024 New Information Process

HRP-025 Investigations

HRP-026 Suspension or Termination

HRP-029 Reportable New Information

HRP-030 Designated Reviews

HRP-031 Non-Committee Review Preparation

HRP-032 Non-Committee Review Conduct

HRP-040 IRB Meeting Preparation

HRP-041 IRB Meeting Conduct

HRP-042 IRB Meeting Attendance-Quorum Monitoring

HRP-043 IRB Meeting Minutes

HRP-045 IRB Member Review Expectations

HRP-050 Conflicting Interests of IRB Members

HRP-051 Consultation

HRP-052 Post-Review

HRP-054 Institutional Conflicts of Interests

HRP-055 Management of Financial Conflicts of Interests

HRP-060 Annual Evaluations of the HRPP

HRP-062 Daily or Routine Tasks

HRP-063 Expiration of IRB Approval

HRP-064 NIH GDS Institutional Certification

HRP-065 Response Plan for Emergencies-Disasters Impacting the HRPP

HRP-070 IRB Records

HRP-071 Standard Operating Procedures

HRP-072 IRB Records Retention

HRP-080 IRB Formation

HRP-081 IRB Deactivation

HRP-082 IRB Member Addition

HRP-083 IRB Membership Removal

HRP-084 IRB Meeting Scheduling and Notification

HRP-090 Informed Consent Process for Research

HRP-091 Written Documentation of Consent

HRP-093 Activities that Require IRB Review

HRP-094 Subject Selection, Recruitment, and Payments

HRP-095 Banking of Specimens and or Data