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2020 Research Development Fund Application Template

Affirmative Action Tracking Form - For Researchers

Alternative Performance Evaluation Form - For Research Personnel

Animal Order Form

Arts and Humanities Program Application

Arts and Humanities Fellows Program Final Report

Biographical Sketch Template

Bioscience Business Accelerator Application

CONACYT: Request for Extension

Conflict of Commitment

De Minimis Effort Request 

Disclosure of Invention

Disclosure of Software

Employee and Participant Temperature Log

Executive Signature Review Form

Export Control Compliance Checklist for TAMUQ Short Courses

Export Control Checklist for Texas A&M at Qatar All Visitors

Export License Exemption (BAG) Certification

External Users of Computing Facilities at TAMUQ

Faculty Student Compact form

Financial Conflict of Interest

Health Cards

Hiring Foreign Persons at TAMUQ

IDP for Texas A&M

Incoming Material Request Form

Indirect Cost Waiver Form

Internal Proposal Form for Limited Submission Proposals

International Travel - Export Control Screening - Checklist

International Shipping Review

Inventor Data Sheet 

Material Disclosure

Material Request Form 

NIH Checklist & Criteria (R01/R03/R21)

NIH Checklist Timeline

NIH Facilities Template

NIH Research Plan Outline and Template

PI Eligibility Request Form

Plant Variety/Germplasm Disclosure

Procedures for Posting and Hiring Faculty-Equivalent Research Positions

Relocation Form

Request for Waiver of Intellectual Property Rights

Request to Activate-Deactivate Access to Export Control Compliance Software

Research Park Event Form

Research Participation Individual Payment Certification Form

Research Participation Multiple Payment Certification Form

Research Position Posting Request Form

Responsible Conduct of Research Course Equivalent Approval Request

Sample Memorandums of Justification - For Researchers

Scheduled Drug Request Form 

Self-Identification Form - For Researchers

Summer Salary Request

TAMRA Capstone Agreement

TAMRA Capstone Letter Agreement

TAMRA Capstone Student IP Agreement

TAMRA Capstone Student NDA Agreement


TAMRA HSC NDA HSC as Disclosing Party

TAMRA HSC NDA HSC as Receiving Party


TAMRA TAMU NDA TAMU as Disclosing Party

TAMRA TAMU NDA TAMU as Receiving Party

TAMUQ All Visitors

Technical Services Request 

Technology Control Plan Template

Temporary Imports, Exports, and Reexports (TMP) Certification for TAMU Travel

Terminate Card

Time & Effort Departmental Administrator Request

Tissue Sharing Form

Veterinary Drug Request Form

Visiting Scholars Form 5VS

VPR Routing Form 

Workday Position Description Template