Generating Antibodies

If you plan to produce polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies in vivo, you must submit an AUP for antibody production. Please note in-vivo acites production is highly discouraged and must be justified with evidence an in vitro alternative is not adequate for your antibody production.

Important Information for Investigators About Polyclonal Antibody Production

Polyclonal antibody production services are available through the Comparative Medicine Program (CMP). CMP’s service provides standardized antibody production procedures with technical support by skilled personnel who perform these tasks on a daily basis. You may provide your antigen to CMP personnel and they will generate your antibody for you for a reasonable cost, without the need for new AUP approval. CMP personnel can also provide copies of approvals to be submitted to NIH.

The CMP AUP is approved for rabbits, chickens, goats, and sheep, and has the ability to use a number of adjuvants. CMP’s standard immunization protocol uses Titermax® or Titermax/Gold® as the adjuvant. However, if an animal does not respond as expected, or if the Titermax® protocol is known to be a poor adjuvant choice for a specific antigen, an alternative adjuvant selection can be made following consultation with, and approval from the veterinary immunologist working with the CMP Service. Alternate adjuvants that are approved on the CMP AUP include Freund’s (Complete and Incomplete), RIBI®, Saponin and Aldydrogel®.

For information, contact CMP at 979.845.7433 and inquire about the CMP Polyclonal Antibody Production Service.