Investigators'/Instructors' Responsibilities

Investigators and Instructors are entrusted to ensure the humane use of animals. They have a direct and continuing responsibility to ensure that animals are adequately cared for in a humane fashion. It is the responsibility of the investigator to:

  • Design and perform procedures on the basis of relevance to human or animal health, advancement of knowledge, or the  good of society;
  • Use the appropriate species, quality, and number of animals to obtain valid results;
  • Avoid or minimize discomfort, distress, and pain in concert with sound science;
  • Use appropriate sedation, analgesia, or anesthesia;
  • Establish experimental and humane end points;
  • Provide appropriate animal husbandry and veterinary care directed and performed by qualified persons;
  • Conduct experiments on animals only under the close supervision of qualified and experienced persons;
  • Consider alternatives to procedures that may cause more than momentary of slight pain and distress;
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication of experiments;
  • Consult with the attending veterinarian in planning animal uses involving more than minimal pain and distress;
  • Provide appropriate peri-operative care to animals;
  • Obtain IACUC approval prior to the initiation of animal work.