Notice of Laboratory Decommissioning

This Notice of Laboratory Decommissioning is required for any laboratory space when the principal investigator (PI) or Responsible Person is 1) leaving Texas A&M University, 2) moving to another building on campus, 3) relocating to another laboratory within the same building, or 4) removing specific hazards (e.g., radiological, lasers, biological). Notification is also required for laboratory spaces undergoing renovation or if an alternate PI/Researcher is taking over the space.

Lab Location

Principal Investigator

Department Head

Lab Contact (if not PI)

Decommisioning Information

Reason for decommisioning
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Please select appropriate hazards present in laboratory
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For More Information

EHS Main Number
  • 979.845.2132
Lab Safety
  • 979.845.1361
  • 979.862.4549