IBT Rigor & Reproducibility Core

The core assists investigators with incorporating Rigor and Reproducibility into their research by performing rigorous statistical and bioinformatics analysis. The core provides consultation for grant preparation in the following areas: (1) Study design, including treatment arms, sample size and power calculations; (2) The review and discussion of protocols involving the generation of data prior to submission to the funding agency; (3) The protocol development for statistical analysis and bioinformatics analysis; (4) Enforcement of authentication for key biological and chemical sources.

Research Collaboration: The core will provide high-quality statistical and bioinformatics support for the proposed projects. We will develop and implement statistical methods and bioinformatics software that is optimized for the proposed study and the targeted dataset. If substantial efforts are required for the core to participate in the proposed project, a budget request should include the time efforts of the core personnel. Investigators are welcome to discuss such opportunities for collaboration.

The development of training programs: The core is committed to educate and train the next generation of scientists for the good practice of Rigor and Reproducibility. We will collaborate with colleagues in the Department of Statistics and the School of Public Health to develop workshops and webinars for predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. Those workshops and webinars will cover a wide range of areas, such as study design, randomization, blinding, batch effects, reproducibility, validation, and authentication. We will also work with colleagues in the COM and AgriLife to develop a curriculum of Rigor and Reproducibility for graduate and medical students.