TIGSS: Molecular Genomics Core

Genomics Core houses various instruments and lab equipment to support genomics-based research and is located in Reynolds Medical Building 446A and VMR Addition 266. Training and experimental support is available. 

Equipment that can be reserved for self-use after appropriate training:

  • Maxwell 16 (Promega): The Maxwell 16 Integrated System combines compact instrumentation, optimized automated methods, prefilled reagent cartridges, service and support to save time.
  • Qubit Fluorometer (Life Technologies): Easy to use fluorometer for a variety of DNA, RNA and protein assays.
  • CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-Rad): 96 well real time PCR system with six-channel detector with quick set up runs. Monitors amplification traces in real time.
  • Tape Station (Agilent): The Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station eliminates manual wash steps from Bio-Plex Assays, making them as easy as ELISAs.
  • Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station (Bio-Rad): The Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station eliminates manual wash steps from Bio-Plex Assays, making them as easy as ELISAs.
  • GentleMACS Octo Dissociator (Miltenyi): Automated tissue processing to dissociate target tissue into single cell suspensions.
  • Cytation 5 (BioTek): Cell imaging multi-mode microplate reader that combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection.
  • MinION (Oxford Nanopore): Oxford Nanopore DNA sequencer for real time, long-read, and low cost sequencing.
  • 10X Chromium: Chromium Single Cell 3’ performs deep profiling of complex cell populations with high-throughput digital gene expression on a cell-by-cell basis. 
  • Countless Cell Counter (Life Technologies): Generates automated cell and viability counts in as little as 30 seconds.
  • epMotion 5075 Fluidi Handling Robot (Eppendorf): Easy to program liquid handling robot that can be used for any molecular application that can be automated including NGS library generation, PCR setup, and nucleic acid extraction.
  • Bio-Plex 200 (Bio-Rad): A suspension array system that supports analysis of protein and nucleic acids in a multiplex solution detection up to 100 biomolecules in a single sample.
  • High Performance Computing: The TIGGS High Performance Compute Cluster is tailored for bioinformatics and computational Biology applications, sequence assembly, alignment and analysis and many more.
  • Digital PCR System for absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA molecules using EvaGreen and probe-based Droplet Digital PCR.
  • iScan (Illumina): Scanner and associated equipment that supports the Illumina’s broad portfolio of genetic analysis assays for genotyping, CNV analysis, DNA methylation, and gene expression profiling.
  • MiSeq (Illumina): Next-gen sequencer for small sequencing projects requiring longer read length. Ideal for bacterial genomes.
  • NextSeq 500 (Illumina): Next-gen sequencer for small to mid-scale sequencing projects of genomes, exomes, or transcriptomes.
  • C1 Single-Cell System (Fluidigm): The C1 Single Cell Auto Prep system employs an innovative microfluidic technology to rapidly isolate and prepare individual cells for genome and transcriptome analysis.
  • Biomark HD (Fluidigm): Integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) for automating real-time or end-point read PCR reactions in nanoliter volumes.