Time and Effort

Any individual who works any portion of his or her time on federal, state of Texas, and certain other non-federal sponsored projects or activities, whether compensated or uncompensated by that project directly, is required to certify effort using the web-based Time and Effort Certification System for exempt employees or TimeTraq for non-exempt employees.

Time & Effort Departmental Administrator Access

Time & Effort Departmental Administrator Request

Certification Process/Procedure

The following pages on The Texas A&M University System website correspond to the correct process/procedure for individuals in various roles in the Texas A&M research enterprise. In addition, this website contains a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the certification process.

Principal Investigator (Self Certify)



General Information

The Texas A&M University System provides information and guidelines on the time-and-effort reporting process.

Certification Periods

Frequently Asked Questions



Key Concepts

PI Eligible Title Codes

Salary vs. Hourly Employees

What’s New


Specific rules and regulations, adopted by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Texas A&M, and The Texas A&M University System, apply to the time-and-effort certification process.


Texas A&M Rule 15.01.01.M4 (PDF)

A&M System Regulation 15.01.04 (PDF)


Online Training

SSO – TrainTraq Time and Effort Course

Course Number 2111113


How to certify…

Self Certification (usually for PI eligible employees) – (Video)

Certifying your employees time and effort documents (for manager) – (Video)


For more information please visit the The Texas A&M University System Time and Effort website.

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Karan Watkins, Director
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