Getting Connected at Research Park


Telephone Connections

Option 1 (Centrex or VoIP):

Telephone service through Texas A&M, contact: Jana McDonald, 979.845.1952

Single line and multi-line phone systems available

  • Intercom abilities
  • Line monitoring

Fiber optics to building:

    Considered part of Texas A&M infrastructure, contact: Melanie Leggett, 979.845.0606

    Option 2 (Verizon):

    Verizon: 800.483.5000

    Data Connections

    Two types of data connection are available. These include:

    • Company data connection - A single 100mbps connection that can be used to attach a company's internal network to the Internet and campus network. This type of connection would be used by companies that desire to maintain their own internal network but need Internet and campus network connectivity. Cost: $160 installation and $150 per month.
    • Desktop 100mbps Ethernet connection - A 100mbps connection installed to a user-specified location that will be used by a single device. This type of connection would be used by companies that are interested in Internet and campus network connectivity and desire Texas A&M to install and maintain the network connections to the company's computers. Cost: $160 installation and $15 per month per device.

    Device and domain names are coordinated through Texas A&M Computing and Information Services (CIS).

    Security and network capacity issues are the responsibility of Texas A&M CIS, and restrictions may be applied to maintain the integrity of the Texas A&M campus network.

    Requests for service should be directed to Questions can be directed to John Bruce, or 979.845.3678.

    These connections are intended to facilitate research and development interaction via the Internet. Organizations wishing to conduct advertising or eCommerce through these links must discuss a detailed acceptable use policy.