Technology Commercialization Advisory Committee

The Technology Commercialization Advisory Committee (TCAC) provides advice and oversight to the Office of Technology Translation for all matters relating to the management of intellectual properties and commercialization for the TAMHSC. The charge to the TCAC in the area of intellectual property and technology commercialization includes the following:

  • Serve as a proponent for research and other scholarly activities that will result in the development of intellectual property and technology commercialization at the TAMHSC.
  • Recommend TAMHSC rules, internal policies, and procedures pertaining to intellectual property to the OTT.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the intellectual properties and commercialization process between the individual components and the OTT in order to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and synergies within the TAMHSC as a whole.
  • Provide advice concerning evaluation of potential technologies for the OTT and HSC components, when requested.
  • Provide advice concerning support for the overall commercialization process within the TAMHSC.
  • Encourage and assist with the training and education of faculty in the area of technology commercialization.


TCAC Members

Chair: LauraLee Hughes
Current Co-chair: Dr. Mark Benden

College of Medicine

Dr. Van Wilson
Dr. Carolyn Cannon

College of Pharmacy

Dr. David Potter
Dr. Srinath Palakurthi

College of Dentistry

Dr. Lynne Opperman
Dr. Venu Varanasi

School of Public Health

Dr. Mark Benden
Dr. Virender Sharma

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Dr. Brooke Russell
Dr. Julian Hurdle

Office of the Vice President of Research

Dr. Allison Ficht