Note: A complete listing of forms relating to research compliance issues is available here.

Animal Order Form Investigators must complete an animal order form for ALL animal acquisitions. This includes any animals that will be housed at CMP, CMP maintained facilities, or other campus locations.
Health Cards These cage cards are used to report various specific conditions/situations involving animals. The link opens an Acrobat document that describes, and displays samples of, the various types of cards.
Terminate Card
When an investigator has completed use of animals, he/she
may request CMP personnel to terminate designated animals
by completing a red “Terminate” card for each cage of
Tissue Sharing Form

Investigators wishing to participate as donors or recipients of animal tissue should complete and submit this form to CMP supervisory staff. Forms can be obtained from any of the CMP Supervisors.

Veterinary Drug Request Form This form is used by principal investigators to request drugs from the CMP's Laboratory Animal Resources and Research Facility (LARR).