Texas A&M researchers who need forms associated with compliance in research with human subjects, animals, select agents, and recombinant DNA can find links to the forms they need in the "Compliance-Related" section.  Forms involved in the research funding process are located in the "Research Funding" section, while staff members should see the "Staff/Administrative" section for forms they frequently use.

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Animal Care and Use Forms

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee documents.
Online submission system: iRIS

Biohazards/Recombinant DNA/Select Agents Research Forms Other forms relating to conduct of research involving biohazards, recombinant DNA and select agents.
Online submission system: iRIS

Biosafety Occupational Health Program Forms

Used by any person listed on an Animal Use Protocol or an Institutional Biosafety Committee permit (BL2 or BL3) OR anyone who has been identified, in a BOHP Exposure Assessment, as having a known or potential exposure to 1) human body fluids, human tissues or wastes; 2) animals, animal tissues or wastes; or 3) human disease-causing microorganisms.

Financial Conflict of Interest Financial Conflict of Interest Information
Human Subjects Research Initial Application Form Online submission system: iRIS

Research Funding

Executive Signature Review Form To request approval signatures for proposals or letters of recommendation from the Chancellor, President, Provost, or other appropriate executive staff.
Funding Request Guidelines To be used in requesting funding from the Vice President for Research in order to advance or benefit research at Texas A&M University. These guidelines should not be used for requesting new faculty start up or for proposal matching.

Facilities and Administrative Rate Request Form

To request an exception to the on-campus Facilities and Administrative Rate for a sponsored  project.  It must be approved by the PI, department head, dean and VPR or designee. 

Intellectual Property Rights Waiver Request Form To request a waiver of intellectual property rights for a project. Form must be approved by the PI, department head, dean, and VPR.

Incoming Material Request Form

Outgoing Material Request Forms: Material Request
Material Disclosure

Completed by the PI and evaluated in Texas A&M Research Administration to determine if the transfer is allowed and where it should be processed.
PESCA Extension Form To request and justify a single extension of the PESCA granting period during which funds may be expended. The PESCA final report is due within 30 days after the end of the extended period.
PESCA Final Reporting Form To summarize the accomplishments of the PESCA funded project. It is due no later than 30 days after either the conclusion of the standard 12-month granting period, or after an extension should one be granted.
Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing Request

Cost contribution not required by the sponsor but voluntarily offered in the proposal as a condition of the award. When in its best interest, the university may commit to share in the cost of sponsored activities. Voluntary committed cost sharing requires the approval of the VPR or designee.

Service Unit

Comparative Medicine Program Forms

Required by the Comparative Medicine Program (CMP) for investigators approved to conduct animal research by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (Texas A&M IACUC).


Research Titles and Staffing

Designed as a guide in the process of creating a research position or modifying a position (increases, reclassification, and promotions for research personnel) - with relevant forms and samples.
Visiting Scholars Explains the difference between Visiting Scholars and Visiting Scientists and provides a link to the Texas A&M Rule governing this subject - with relevant form.
Division of Research Intranet Contains forms, reference information and other materials for internal staff use.