ListServ Overview

Texas A&M University's Computing and Information Services supports creation of listserv emailing lists. A listserv list provides an easy way to send email communications to a defined interest group, such as an interdisciplinary research community. Listserv mailing lists are well suited for a substantial group of people with similar interests. For communicating with a private group or a small group of individuals, personal address books and aliases may be better suited than a listserv list.

Each listserv requires a list owner, who is required to manage and moderate the account, and who may need to address social issues periodically. Information on how to establish a Texas A&M listserv and tools for creating and managing one can be found at the Listserv Management System website.

Tools for list owners and list subscribers include:

Information on using and managing a listserv includes:

  • Listserv Help - links to the Help Desk Central Listserv How To Information (see below).
  • Listserv Manuals and Technical Documentation - provides access to L-Soft International Inc.’s listserv documentation.
  • Listserv Owner Duties - provides an overview of listserv owner’s responsibilities and required decisions when creating a list. Read this and the various FAQs before requesting creation of a listserv emailing list.
  • Mailing List Usage - describes the suitability of listserv vis-à-vis the target group.
  • Delete Your List - describes the process to request deletion of a listserv.

Listserv mailing list attributes to consider before requesting creation of a list include:

  • Subscription: Do you want open subscription or subscription by request?
  • Moderation: Do you want to approve posts, or can people post freely?
  • Archives: Do you want posted messages archived for future reference? Who do you want to be able to see the archives?

Help Desk Central also provides listserv how to information: