VPRA Updated Voluntary Cost Sharing Form

Dear Researchers,

When in its best interest, Texas A&M University may commit to bear some share of the cost of a sponsored research project, which is known as cost sharing.  Cost sharing includes all contributions, cash, in-kind, mandatory, and voluntary, committed and uncommitted to the sponsor as part of the agreement.  Any voluntary committed cost sharing must have prior approval from the Vice President for Research.  Voluntary cost sharing is highly discouraged per System policy and TAMU regulations, and may be rejected by some federal agencies with the adoption of the new OMB Uniform Guidance.   

Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing is a cost contribution not required by the sponsor but voluntarily offered in the proposal to the sponsor as a condition of the award. When in its best interest, the University may commit to share in the cost of sponsored activities.  Voluntary committed cost share is quantified in the proposal (i.e.: % of effort, person months, tuition & fees) to the sponsor and requires prior approval from the VPR's office.

In order to obtain prior approval from the VPR’s office, the attached form should be completed, routed through your respective Department Head and Dean, then forwarded on the OVPR for review. 

 Thank you, 

Carol. J. Cantrell
Sr. Associate VP for Research Administration

Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing Request Form