VPRA System Regulation 15.01.03 - FCOI

On Behalf of Carol Cantrell, Senior Associate Vice President for Research Administration ~


Dear Researchers,

Effective August 30, 2013, the Chancellor has revised System Regulation 15.01.03 – Financial Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Research (http://policies.tamus.edu/15-01-03.pdf).  The revisions include:

1)     Lifting the October 18, 2012 suspension regarding the implementation of the FCOI requirements for privately-funded research.  The FCOI requirements will be applied to new awards received on or after August 30, 2013.  This will include, but not be limited to, continuations and task orders awarded on or after August 30, 2013.

2)     Applying the FCOI requirements to subcontracts in the following circumstances:  a) all PHS-funded research; and b) all non-PHS research in which an Investigator subcontracts a portion of the research to a covered family member or an entity in which the Investigator or a covered family member has a financial interest.

3)     Requiring Investigators to submit their Financial Disclosure Statement online via Maestro.

Please note that SRS accounts may be frozen if the project is out of compliance with the FCOI regulation on October 1, 2013.


Please contact Lesa Feldhousen at lfeldhousen@tamu.edu or 862-7986 with any questions.