VPRA Interim Funding Guideline - Texas A&M University

Dear Researchers,

The attached guideline “Interim Funding” has been approved by the VPR to provide a mechanism to the researchers to begin spending on awards that may not be finalized. The implementation of this guideline and delegating the authority to SRS to approve interim funding will ensure an account/project number can be provided quickly in an effort to reduce payroll corrections while paperwork and project establishment are being finalized. It will also allow for the opportunity for equipment to be purchased, support for graduate students, and other personnel to be charged. This delegation to SRS for VPR interim funding eliminates the requirement for a request form to be routed through the department and college.

The guideline identifies the requirements for interim funding on sponsored projects administered by the Texas A&M University System Sponsored Research Services (SRS) on behalf of Texas A&M University. Please note that during this interim period no deliverables may be submitted to the sponsor. This guideline has been circulated amongst the research community and is strongly supported and recommended by the Texas A&M University Research Administration Committee (TRAC). 

This guideline can be found on the Division of Research website at: http://vpr.tamu.edu/researchadmin/FAcompliance/interim-funding/interim-funding.   Please contact Ms. Sharon Thigpin sthigpin@tamu.edu  with any questions.  

Best Regards,
Carol J. Cantrell

Approved VPR Guideline Interim Funding (PDF)