VPRA Workday impact communication from Sponsored Research Services

The below communication is being sent on behalf of Kristi Billinger, Executive Director, Sponsored Research Services


As we approach the December implementation of Workday, SRS has been made aware there will be a system wide EPA blackout period of November 22 - December 18th.  Furthermore, we have also been informed of some member specific blackout dates that are earlier than the system wide date that will effect our processes.  In order to provide the best service possible to the research community that serve we are working hard to be proactive to reduce risks to our members. 

What does this mean for departments and researchers?

  • There will be no payroll actions processed on sponsored research projects (SRS flagged accounts) during the payroll blackout.  This includes the creation of new EPAs, changing source allocations, processing corrections or terminating employees
  • Your SRS project administrator should have notified you of any projects that may be affected during the blackout.
  • SRS is making all efforts to work with departmental staff and/or researchers to ensure payroll is charged to the appropriate accounts.
  • Final financial reports/billing due to the sponsor during the blackout period will include only the charges in the financial system (FAMIS).  Due to the high volume of closeouts, SRS cannot guarantee that manual payroll adjustments for billing purposes can be processed during this timeframe.  Therefore, it is imperative that payroll is allocated timely and properly.

In conclusion, communication is key during this period.  If you foresee any issue with allocating your payroll to the appropriate SRS project, prior to the blackout, please contact your SRS project administrator immediately to discuss.