VPRA Sponsored Research Services Proposal Submission Guidelines

 Sent out On Behalf of Kristi Billinger, Executive Director, Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services:

 Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services (SRS) Pre-Award Team is committed to providing timely, accurate, and courteous assistance to our faculty, external sponsors, and other university personnel. Proposal administrators assist researchers in the preparation and submission of proposals to sponsors for external funding. They prepare the budgetary and administrative components of the proposal, ensure compliance with TAMUS policies, system member’s requirements, state and federal regulations, and adherence to the funding opportunity specific terms and conditions, as well as route for institutional approvals. Pre-award administration is a complex process that requires necessary preparation time prior to submission to the sponsor.  SRS is able to add the most value to the proposal submission process if sufficient time is available to prepare SRS-generated portions of the proposal, and to conduct a thorough quality review.  As a commitment to our mission in providing faculty and researchers with the utmost level of support to produce the highest quality proposal possible, SRS has developed a proposal submission guideline.  In writing this guideline, we called upon several groups on campus that have a vested interest in the research enterprise.  The Council of Principal Investigators (CPI), Council of Principal Investigators Executive Committee (CPI-EXC), University Research Council (URC), Faculty Senate, and the Texas A&M Stakeholders Operations Committee (TSOC) have all provided thoughtful input to this guideline, and as a result of the combined efforts, we issue the following guidelines for proposal submissions.  For questions please contact SRS at 979-862-6777.

Proposal Submission Guidelines Attachment