SRS Establishes Award and Account Setup Expediting Team

Sponsored Research Services (SRS) is pleased to announce the newly established Award and Account Setup Expediting Team (AASET) which is being led by Director Katherine Kissmann. The AASET team was created to satisfy a need identified by our research community; the team is charged with the timely and accurate establishment of projects and their associated accounts to include interim funding, incoming awards and their associated modifications. The creation of this team will allow SRS to provide improved and expedited service, allowing the project administrators to focus on administration of established projects. Based on an analysis of the type, number and time required per set up it has been determined that the team will be staffed with one Director, six award establishment administrators and four intake coordinators.   

It is anticipated that the team will be rolled out in two phases. The Phase I team will develop the revised process for project establishment and scribe the desk manuals and procedures to be used by the AASET team. After Phase I is concluded the remaining members of the team shall be onboarded and trained. It is anticipated that the transition for setups from Project Administration to AASET will have a soft roll out starting out with the departments and colleges of TAMU.

We are pleased to welcome the following individuals to the AASET team:

Phase I:    Joanie Birdwell, Alice Conchola, Kelly Ganske, Nancy Ginn, Elizabeth Grizzaffi, Debra Hodge and Pauline Recek  

Phase II:  Greg Ganske, Ginger Pierce and Sara Poremski


Kristi Billinger | Executive Director

Sponsored Research Services | Texas A&M University

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