Changes Coming to Time and Effort Certification

Sent on behalf of the Senior Associate Vice President for Research and the Office of Research Administration


What is happening?
Effective June 29th, employees and managers will no longer use TimeTraq to certify time for effort reporting (they will continue to use TimeTraq for submitting and approving time).

When is this happening?
Beginning January 2018, all time and effort certification will happen in the Time & Effort certification tool. You can access the Time & Effort tool through your SSO menu.

Why is this happening?
We are getting ready to retire TimeTraq and replace it with Workday on December 17th. Workday doesn't support our time and effort certification process and we need to retire the TimeTraq certification now at the beginning of this six month payroll cycle.

Can I continue to certify time and effort each pay period?
No. The Time & Effort tool will prompt you at the end of each six months of work and you will certify time in that tool.

I won't remember what time my employee worked six months after they submitted it. How can I see what time was worked when I need to certify it?
While employees will no longer be able to enter time in TimeTraq beginning December 17th, you will be able to use TimeTraq to see the time they worked before the conversion to Workday.

I don't know how to use the Time & Effort tool.
Help for the Time & Effort tool can be found at

What do I need to do in January 2018?
Nothing! You will receive an email letting you know when it is time to certify time and effort.

Have additional questions or need more information?
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