SRS Travel Policy


SRS has issued a new travel policy for all projects administered for the System Members and the Research Foundation by SRS. This policy offers some new flexibilities. Here are the highlights of the policy:

  • Travel guidelines will follow the travel reimbursement provisions of the sponsored contract or grant.
  • In the absence of specific travel requirements associated with a contract or grant, federal travel guidelines will serve as the criteria for reimbursement.
  • Two methods for being reimbursed are offered to the traveler: Method I that requires receipts for meals, taxis, subways, etc. and Method II that does not except when a single meal or item of cost is over $75.
  • The decision as to which methodology to use is determined by the traveler and not determined by departmental or college policies or by the mechanism by which the reimbursement is made (CONCUR). This is, of course, so long as the reimbursement is in accordance with the sponsor requirements.

Please note from Leo Paterra’s cover memo, 13-001, that Diane McDonald in SRS will be training departments on the new policy. Our office along with representatives from SRS and FMO will be meeting with the colleges to help SRS with the implementation of the new policy and making sure that researchers have the support needed to file their claims. The SRS travel policy can be found on the SRS website. Mr. Paterra’s cover memo is attached.

Carol J. Cantrell
Senior Associate Vice President for Research Administration
Division of Research
Texas A&M University

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